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Postby (trosse) » Tue May 10, 2011 11:40 am

collin wrote:
trosse wrote:

F-holes was a Rickenbackers idea - not Rose, Morris' - as they believed f-holes better suited the European market.

Source, please.

Well it was a Rose, Morris idea. But it was only a demand in 1964 and 1965. From then on Rose, Morris did not require f-holes (The History of Rickenbacker Guitars by Richard R. Smith, 1987, page 219. That's was because it was faster to ship ordinary US homemarket models. But Rickenbacker continued delivering F-hole guitars along with slash hole ones.

Lennons 325/12 on the other hand had an F-hole and a fireglo finish


His 325/12 was Jetglo....with no f-hole. You want a picture of it? :)

:o) It was Jetglo - I believe I accidently wrote fireglo because I was studying a picture in the beforementioned book of a fireglo 325 like JL's...
I think JL is playing his 12 string 325 on Ticket To Ride in the movie.
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