450-12 from 12-1965 refinished in gloverglow / greenglow

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450-12 from 12-1965 refinished in gloverglow / greenglow

Postby (mckuen) » Thu Aug 02, 2018 4:54 pm

I bought a Projekt 450-12 in 2013. i restaured it A weile ago with a new pickguard and a 12 String Rickenbacker Bridge. The frtboerd is from real Dark rosewood . The Color of the Frettboard Differs a lot from later rickenbackers. I have a symfonia Grand from 1962 that has the Same Typ of Wood on the fretboard.

The Sound of These two 450 is Different also, the fireglow Has a set neck and the old gliding Bridge. The neck Through construction on the Green one Seem to Ad a lot of Sustain an dephth to the sound .

Hose do you like it?

I want to put more Photos on the Register. The Guitar is already registered by some Other Person in a Projekt State. How can i do that ?

Greetings Thomas
Fireglow 450-12 from 1967 and cloverglow 450-12 from 1965
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