Little Leroy Mod on 350V63

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Little Leroy Mod on 350V63

Postby (Very Occasionally) » Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:11 am

After looking at the iiipopes mod for my 350 I decided to go a bit further for live use. Of course you all know about my 22nd fret mod. ;-)

Besides that, I wired the balance control - which I never use - to be the Middle Pickup volume. The Neck tone control was rewired to become the Master Volume and the Bridge Tone control became the Master Tone.

All 3 pups are on in the middle position and can be blended using the volume controls. Also, by turning any of the pickup volume controls down to 70% you effectively remove that pickup from the circuit (assuming the other controls remain at 100%). This allows you to have only the Middle pup on in either the neck or bridge switch position, and also the Middle with either the Neck or Bridge, depending on which pup's volume control you've turned down or off.

I've also put the 2 .047 tone caps in series to bring the actual capacitance value down to .023, which I prefer over the very bassy .047.

This setup works very well live with just a small motion to take the Middle pup in or completely out of the circuit and great control of the overall volume and tone. Personally, I find having to lift a control during a live performance can be - for me - hit or miss, so the Middle pup volume control works perfectly for my style. And having it nearest the tailpiece makes it ergonomically intuitive. Being able to balance the pups offers some very cool tones, too, though I use that aspect more in recording than live.

As with all mods, YMMV.
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Re: Little Leroy Mod on 350V63

Postby (bdawson7) » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:12 pm

Sounds like a usefully good and pragmatic mod!
Do you really like treble? The pickup is mounted pretty angular-ly.
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