'64 Supersonic restoration parts

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'64 Supersonic restoration parts

Postby (Tomm Williams) » Thu Aug 11, 2016 1:47 pm

Greetings all, new guy here.

I recently acquired a B16A Supersonic chassis in great shape. According to the previous owner, he believed it was pulled from a combo at some point. Since that time, I've also found a 4-10 cabinet minus drivers but with original badge, corners, grill cloth etc..... pretty nice shape BUT...........it was recovered in black. Now I see from other conversations here that the 4-10 cab was produced at one point in black but this looks like a re-cover job, not something Ric would have done. So my plan is to turn the chassis into a head unit and re-cover both in silver tolex. Jeff Earl at J Design Cabs lives not far away and I'm certain he can produce a fine replica of the head cabinet.

So my question/inquiry is, from what I've seen in photos, the silver cabs came with silver-grey colored handles that I've had zero success finding. By chance did they ever come with say...black handles? Or does someone know a source for original handles? I'm also in need of one grill badge for the head, any sources there? I'm hoping to restore them to as original as possible realizing it might not be easy. I did land some mid-60's Jensen C10Q's to put in the cab so I'm working in the right direction.

Thanks !
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