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Re: 450/12 Question

Postby (jwilli) » Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:39 pm

chronictown wrote:
jdogric12 wrote:
studiotwosession wrote:I have one of the first 450 12s (think JB's played it, too.. commented how flat the peg head is.) It was played a lot over the years. Has the seldom seen 64 12 tuners. Had a re-fret and new nut made (definitely needed both.) I'd like to pickup another one just to compare it to. I think it was better before I had all the work done, though one of the strings was constantly popping out and yes, the frets were toast.

What are "64 12" tuners? Single line Klusons with white/cream buttons?

Those are the open back tuners similar to John S.'s '64 360/12...not sure if they're Kluson or what, though. Carl Wilson's new-style 360/12 also had them.

My December of '64 450/12 has six regular Klusons and six open back tuners. From the factory. And the headstock also tilts forward.
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