2 little holes in 360, what to do about them? Cosmetic.....

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Re: 2 little holes in 360, what to do about them? Cosmetic.

Postby (jps) » Mon Oct 22, 2018 10:26 am

As Todd mentioned above, real plugs need to be used, not just dowels that are of the right diameter a in that case you would end up with end grain facing up, not what you want for this type of repair. The are plug cutters available to make the plugs by cutting into a piece of maple by "drilling" into the face of the wood (the flat sawn surface of the board). You want to get a piece of maple that has grain/figuring as close as possible to the wood on the guitar. When installing the plugs you must align the grain in the same direction as that on the guitar's top surface (usually it will be parallel to the string directions. leave a little bit protruding from the top and sand it and the area of the body all around the plug to ensure it is all nice and flat all around the plug. This will require refinishing a modestly large area, a couple inches in diameter, or so, in those areas. There is a chance the whole top of the body may need refinishing to completely hide the repair (make it invisible), though.

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Re: 2 little holes in 360, what to do about them? Cosmetic.

Postby (teb) » Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:48 pm

you might want to join a woodworking forum. Guys there will have far more collective experience, of course, than members here.

You sure about that Orville? Some of us here probably have enough woodworking experience to give pretty decent advice on how to patch a couple of small screw holes. Plus, some of that experience is with guitars, and even some of that is with Rickenbacker guitars. Before he goes jamming a couple dowels into the holes, or stuffing them full of some sort of colored putty/wax he might want to know how to do it properly.

Of course, indeed.

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Re: 2 little holes in 360, what to do about them? Cosmetic.

Postby (maxwell) » Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:17 pm

No, I'm never sure about anything. :? Hence, my wiggle-room adjective "collective." I was only assuming that, for example, 100 members of a woodworking forum would have more collective woodworking expertise than 100 members of a guitar forum.... (and I put "dowel" in quotes and included references to previous posts; should have quoted the entire statements).... But, probably unlike most of you, I'm a "trust but verify" sort of guy who researches multiple sites for a variety of opinions/materials & techniques, etc., before doing anything. For example, before replacing both CV axles on my car last month, I barely knew what one of these were. I hit forums and YouTube for an extensive education, and I felt fairly comfortable when it came time to do the actual work; I never accept a single source of anything for anything.

Anyway, nice work, teb. I'm sure you'll be able to guide the OP with some helpful hands-on advice.
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Re: 2 little holes in 360, what to do about them? Cosmetic.

Postby (Sir Ricardo) » Mon Oct 22, 2018 5:53 pm


Greetings guys - I really appreciate all the cool ideas that have been proposed. An education for me.

And....in the interest of comity (had to look that one up) I'll assume everybody knows we are all just good guys just trying to play and fix guitars.

So all posts should reflect that.

thanks again -

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