Fix your Bigsby string break angle and tuning instability

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Fix your Bigsby string break angle and tuning instability

Postby (maxwell) » Thu Nov 05, 2020 11:03 am

I have no idea if this topic has been posted before, but I just learned of this Bigsby roller bar modification today. Some guys replace the Accent trem on their Ricks, and some guys also have Gretsch guitars with Bigsbys. These are replacement roller bars with ball bearings that are positioned higher and therefore lessen the steepness of the break angle.

Anyway, check this out, even if you're simply curious:

You really have to watch the videos to really understand and appreciate what this is, so here's the videos link to make it convenient for you:

The first of four videos demos the roller bar with his Version 2.0 replacement, which uses screws to retain the new roller.

The second video shows the original 1.0 version, which used the original Bigsby roller bar rod; V.2.0 eliminates that inconvenience. Lots of informative info in this video. He mentions that he also sells a regular roller bar replacement with bearings for those who want improved performance but keep the same/original roller height.

The third video demos Version 3.0, for Licensed Bigsbys. (You'll learn that the roller bar on these have a greater diameter.)

The fourth video demos how to remove the spring retaining clips from the Licensed roller bar with screwdrivers (i.e., if you don't have special pliers.).

Pretty interesting stuff.
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