Refinishing a 4003 (NYC area)

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Refinishing a 4003 (NYC area)

Postby (TheMilford) » Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:53 pm

I have a Midnight Blue 4003 from 1992. I'm the original owner. I've hated the color since I got it but I love the way it plays and sounds and will never part with it.

It's reverse trim (white/chrome) and the finish is pretty beat from years of touring and gigging. Also, the entire finish is checked/cracked from being left in a cold truck once.

I wanna refinish it in either the 80s silver or White (snowglo).

I'm a small guitar repair guy in Brooklyn, NY and a woodworker/cabinet maker. So I'm well-versed in instrument repair and wood finishing. However I lack the equipment and experience to do a proper refinish that this instrument deserves. I'd like to find a refinisher that knows Rics and how to do a proper finish

FWIW: I do think I could carefully strip and prep the guitar for refinishing. Hoping this will help to keep the price down.

Can you guys recommend Ric refinishing guy either in my area or close enough that shipping won't be prohibitive?
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Re: Refinishing a 4003 (NYC area)

Postby (sloop_john_b) » Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:08 am

Hi Dave, the closest guy I know of is Curt WIlson in NJ. He is primarily a Gretsch guy but has done some excellent work on Rickenbackers.
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