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Re: VOX AC50CP2 - Looks kind of cool.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:59 pm
by 360girl
I seriously GASed for an AC50CP2H a few years ago. A local music store, that is a Vox dealer had the head version (and also the 100 watt AC100CP2H head). It sounded absolutely killer for clean stuff, hot rodded AC30 tones, and (what was a real plus for me) metal tones! Unfortunately, I didn't have the cash at the time. It's too bad they don't make them anymore, they were nice amps. I could afford one nowadays, but I've realized over the past few years, that even 50 watt amps are too loud for the playing situations I'm in (sadly I even got complaints for being too loud at times, while using my 15 watt Laney Cub12R during rehearsals for the company party christmas band :( ), so no AC50CP2 for me. it's too bad Vox never made a lower power version of this series of amps.