Roland cube is fab

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Roland cube is fab

Postby (david/wales/u.k) » Sun Jul 22, 2012 3:52 pm

I've just bought a Roland XL40 cube amp ( £185---$289 ).............Wow!!..........What an amazing sound, beyond anything I had hoped for. I asked the question at the beginning of the year what did people think was the best clean sounding amp ( for under $500 ) for a Ric 330 and now I've found the answer. I know a lot of players don't rate digital type amps and don't consider them but this amp does everything i need it to. I've already got a VoxAC30 VR but it's too heavy to carry around for gigs. This little amp has all the effects i need and the main JC clean channel with the chorus-delay and reverb switched on, has a beautiful clean tone....full and lush. It also has a footswitch ( doesn't come with the amp ) so I've decided that I no longer need independent effect pedals...( maybe my JB1 )........I can't believe how loud it is either and it doesn't break up unlike the Vox. I don't think i would even need to mic it up although i want the sound to come through the P.A.
All in all i think it is superb. i can't believe such a small thing could carry so much power and tone....I seriously wonder whether i now need or want my Vox amp :shock:
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Re: Roland cube is fab

Postby (kiramdear) » Sat May 11, 2013 9:15 pm

I have a Cube 15W that I use with a Vox Amplug just for fun. It's actually pretty impressive, but I don't care for any of the onboard effects. It's not going to replace my big tube amp, though. That's a whole nuther animal. 8)

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