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Supro Amp

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:59 am
by Dom
Well, the Orange up & quit on me. Tube & fuse time again. Do I really want to squeeze a bit more orange juice from the wallet? But that slide sound & touch sensitive overdrive I WANT isn't gonna be there like it wasn't there the last time I did this. So, I bit the bullet & plunked down some coin for one of the Supro 1624t reissues. I saw them at NAMM, but I've never even plugged into a real legit back from the day Valco whatever name they had on it. I keep finding out so many of my favorite blues & slide guitar recordings were made with them. That quintessential Hawaiian guitar tone for one, not to mention the who's who of whomever from you name it. I didn't want to fix a used amp again I want to play now & I don't want to build it. Two channel, no verb, one tone knob a real trem, obscure tubes, lack of master volume & all should arrive Wednesday. I hope the tales are true. All I know is you gotta crank 'em.

Add in the Voicelive & I can set my expression pedal to pan & swap channels between the amp inputs instead of using an AB switch. The only other thing I use all the time is an Alembic stratoblaster boost and an Alesis AirFX. An infrared XYZ axis effect unit that was actually designed for DJ's & which might be best utilized if run through the pa. I hear the Supro takes pedals well.

This domino effect of "OK, no master volume, so how will/can I use it along with everything else & not wake everyone?" is prompting me to stop procrastinating & build an Iso box to mic a worn in Marshall 10" cab that I dig. Also quicker & cheaper than the eventual necessity of soundproofing the entire garage with Mineral Wool insulation.

I am mounting the 10" cab in the center of a rectangular box on the diagonal, so the reflective space isn't square but also so I can mic it front & back.One speaker input, Two mic outs, two 1/4" outs to record, or run to the PA and two 1/4" through outputs for live sound to run to other cabs or monitors. A lot of tones & outputs for recording or gigs that wont be feedback prone or shake the house.