Wich 2inputs + blend amps for bass?

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Wich 2inputs + blend amps for bass?

Postby (Nop) » Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:52 pm


I'm looking for an amp that fits all my needs, but I need some help because I'm not sure this does exist...

I want a bass amp with 2 input that works at the same time, for a 4003 stereo bass. But where it start to be hard, it's that I want that one of the signal to be overdriven. Some kind of Lemmy overdrive for example. I'm not looking for his tone, but I want an overdrive tone with a second signal for the low ends. And the last request is a "blend control" that allow me to balance my two signals before they go into one cabinet.

I'm not rich enough and strong enough to buy two full stacks with two valve heads, so I need One head that do everything I want. This is going to be a gig amp, so one head and one cabinet is the better option.

Does something like that exist? If it could be an affordable head and of course something we still can buy (even on second hand) it's perfect.

Thank you very much, and sorry for my English !
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Re: Wich 2inputs + blend amps for bass?

Postby (jps) » Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:35 pm

I suppose they are out there, but I can't think of any tube amps that meet your requirements, although an Ampeg SVT does have two independent channels, they are somewhat different from each other..

The first amp that comes to mind that does is solidstate but they are excellent sounding ones, although you will need a pedal for your overdrive. Walter Woods Electacoustic amps have two completely independent channels that are identical with full EQ and effects loops for each channel. No need for a blend control, just adjust the gain and volume controls to get the blend of the two channels you want.

Another possibility is to use two 1-rack space tube preamps such as the various Ampeg models that have been made over the past few decades, such as the SVP-CL, or the Billy Sheehan model, for two examples, and run them into a good solidstate power amp (most are 2 rack spaces). This way you can have a great sounding, and powerful two channel amp in a 4-space rack that will be much lighter, smaller and most likely, more powerful that any two tube amp heads.

Hopefully, others will pounce on this thread and offer other possible ideas for you.
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