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'Addanote' - online learning

Postby (dogload) » Tue May 26, 2020 10:31 am

First of all I apologise if this post is a) In the wrong forum and b) breaching any guidelines, however...

... I've been asked to post a link to post a link to the Addanote You Tube channel.

Addanote is a new way of learning an instrument. Sort of like having a one-on-one lesson by video.

I'll admit an interest here as I do some work for the guys who set up the company. Up till now they have been involved in producing resources for schools as a commercial venture, but in light of the current C-19 'situation' have set up this You Tube channel to provide free lessons for anyone who is interested.

Rather than bang on about what the Addanote method of learning is, here's the guy who came up with it to explain how it works

And one of the videos
Um... my band
The Type Five
And some tunes here:
The Type Five at Bandcamp
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