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Thanks goes out to Robert Grandmaison for the hard work on this list and to all who took the time to contribute. Please send a PM to Admin for additions.

AFG - Amber Fire-glo
ATG - Autumn-glo
AZG - Azure-glo
B - Beatles Series Reissue
BB - BlueBoy
BBR - Blueburst
BG - Burgundy
BH - Black Hardware
BHS - Bound Headstock
BLK - Black (Matte Black)
BRN - Brown (Matte Brown)
BT- Black Trim
C - "C Series" (John Hall: “'C' has a definite meaning that has never been announced…As I've said before, 'Circa' or 'Collector' would probably be fine choices.”)
CB - Check Binding
Ci - Cheyenne
Cii - Cheyenne II
COY - Color of the Year
CPI - Crushed Pearl Inlays
CS - Chris Squire
CW - Carl Wilson
D'A - D'Addario (String Manufacturer: http://www.daddario.com)
DAW - Digital Audio Workstation
DCM - Dark Cherry Metallic
DG - Desert Gold
F - Full body style
FG - Fire-glo
FL - Fretless
FWI - Full Width Inlays
FWMOP - Full Width Mother of Pearl Inlays
G.A.S. - Gear Acquisition Syndrome
GF - Glenn Frey
GRN - Green
HB - Humbucking Pickup Upgrade (Factory Option)
HG - Harngelb (Yellow)
HS - Horse Shoe
HSRI - Horse Shoe Reissue
JG - JetGlo
JH - John Hall
JK - John Kay
JL - John Lennon
JS - Just Strings (http://www.juststrings.com)
KH - Kenny Howes
L - Laguna
L - Laredo
LE - Limited Edition
LH - Left-handed
LHRH - Right-handed stringing, Left-handed Instrument
LK - Lemmy Kilmister
Macca - Paul McCartney
MARF - Mid-Atlantic Rickenbacker Festival
MB - Montezuma Brown
MF - Musician's Friend (http://www.musiciansfriend.com)
MG - Maple-glo
MID - Midnight Blue
MiniCon - Miniauture (Rickenbacker) Convention
N - Numpty (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=numpty)
NAT - Natural
NCM - North Coast Music (http://www.voxshowroom.com/northcoast/index.html)
NGD - New Guitar Day
NOS - New Old Stock
NOS - New Original Stock
O.S. - Old Style - 360 bound front and back (see also WB & WBBS)
OHSC - Original Hard Shell Case
OP - Original (message) Poster
PG - Pickguard
PMC - Paul McCartney
POTR - Pick of the Ricks
PT - Pete Townshend
Pup - Pickup
PW - Paul "jingle_jangle" Wilczynski (http://studiocalifornia.rickbeat.com/)
PZ - Piezo Transducer
R.A.S. - Rickenbacker Acquisition Syndrome
RBY - Ruby
RCA/SPC - Radio Corporation of America
RED - Red (Opaque Finish)
RI - Reissue
RIC - Rickenbacker International Corporation (http://www.rickenbacker.com)
RM - Roger McGuinn
RM - Rose Morris (RoMo preferred)
RoMo - Rose Morris
RRF - RickResource Forum
RRF Merch - RRF Swag (http://www.cafepress.com/RRF_Marketing)
S - Special
SCARF - Southern California Annual Rickenbacker Festival
SF - Slanted Frets
SG - Sea Green
SH - Susanna Hoffs
SolCalCon - Southern California (Rickenbacker) Convention
SPC - Special Paint Choice
SPC - Special Pickup Choice
SPC - Special with regard to a wide range of Rickenbacker features including shapes, bindings, pickups, necks and more
SS - Star Stowe
ST - Straight
TB - TransBlue
TG - TransGreen
TI - Thomastik Infeld (String Manufacturer: http://www.thomastik-infeld.com)
TP - Tom Petty
TR - TransRed
TRC - Truss Rod Cover
TUR - Turquoise
UP - Upgrade to Vintage Case (silver)
V - Vintage Reissue
VC - Vintage Case
V81 - Serial Number of JL's First 325
VB - Vibrato
VH - 650 Style Vibrato
VP - Vintage Pickups (Toasters)
WAL - Walnut
WB - Binding Both Sides (see also O.S.)
WBBS - White Bindings Both Sides (see also O.S.)
WHT - White
WT - White Trim
YT - Youtube
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