1946 Electro Lap Steel Tuners

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1946 Electro Lap Steel Tuners

Postby (mattpeyton) » Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:52 pm

I just bought a very nice black on black Electro Lap Steel. The only thing to do on it is get the tuners working a little better. It's got a couple of bent ones, and one that takes a wee bit of play before it meshes and moves the shaft.

These are the individual tuners now, not the strip.

I'm interested in knowing if anyone can 're-manufacture' or restore these, by perhaps replacing the cogs and bending the bent ones straight. There ARE NO tuners I can find that have the same config - 7/32nds shaft, drill holes on 15/16ths.....

Anyone have a good contact or idea?

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