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Knobs & Nuts

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:07 pm
by Remark505
Hello All,
I purchased a lap steel not long ago, see my other post here, and needed to replace the control knobs that were incorrect. After much search and no luck I modeled one in Rhino, a very powerful 3-d program. Anyway I then printed it in ABS plastic and while it's not the originals, obviously, they're not bad replications. I also modeled and printed the nut, just in case I needed one down the road. If you need either of these, I'd be happy to either, print them or sending you a copy of the file so that you can print them. I'd only ask that you pay for the time on the printer and shipping, roughly $20.00 and the file, $5.00 to offset a bit of my time, which amounted to roughly 12 hours. I'm not trying to make a profit, just want to assist anyone who may need these, (what was for me) hard to find items.
Best wishes!