'71 Electro

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'71 Electro

Postby (Dom) » Thu Dec 10, 2015 1:53 pm

My second Ric ever is a well played Burgundyglo Electro steel. Nov '71 KK 726. I like it in C6 but used to play it in Chicago tuning. I always assumed it was a model 100. It was never equipped with legs and I've considered adding them. I'm finally about to open it up & fix a short in the jack and wanted to find out what I can about the pickup. This pickup sounds amazing & fat so I'd love to have the same thing in a regular guitar. I figured it is just an early HiGain but the construction seems different from the fiber tops I've had or seen. I do still have the cover but removed it so I could play harmonics unobstructed. Not enough room inside for the mid "boost"/cut tone control I like.
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