Capri 325C58 Wiring loom

The short-scale model that changed history

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Capri 325C58 Wiring loom

Postby (olzewski1) » Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:25 pm

Hi I am in the process of "lennonizing" my 325c58.

When I got the guitar only one pickup was connected.

It seems wiring information about this model is harder to get than getting any deal between the republicans and democrats in our (American) hallowed congress (house of reps & senate).

I would like to install a "Glen Lambert" wiring loom.

How do I get in touch with him to order this?

Hopefully getting this item will prove easier than getting government which benefits the American people.

(Views provided are my own and do not represent board. Sorry for the political simile)
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Re: Capri 325C58 Wiring loom

Postby (gellkeller) » Sun Dec 15, 2013 10:39 pm

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Re: Capri 325C58 Wiring loom

Postby (deaconblues) » Mon Dec 16, 2013 2:14 am

gellkeller wrote:Tom, have you tried here?

Those schematics show the standard Rickenbacker wiring. Glen makes reproductions of the wiring used in the '50s 325s.

Tom, try the contact link on Glen's site:
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Re: Capri 325C58 Wiring loom

Postby (johnhall) » Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:25 pm

deaconblues wrote:Those schematics show the standard Rickenbacker wiring. Glen makes reproductions of the wiring used in the '50s 325s.

I hate to keep harping on this but I have to pint out again that his looms are only his take on what SOME originals might have been like. as he states on his website "I've been able to establish a circuit that appears to be the most likely format . . .", the emphasis being mine. If it suits the purposes, terrific, but it's only a theory and not borne out by the samples we've seen at the factory.
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Re: Capri 325C58 Wiring loom

Postby (deaconblues) » Mon Dec 16, 2013 4:17 pm

Yes, I should have mentioned it's Glen's take on what Lennon's might have had. Unfortunately since V81's wiring was replaced we will likely never know for sure how it was hooked up.
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Re: Capri 325C58 Wiring loom

Postby (glen_l) » Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:27 am

It is true that the looms I make are my take on the loom that was implemented in John Lennon's '58 325 and the other two 325's that were shipped to Framus Werke along with it late that year. Sadly there is little chance of any sample or documentation to confirm what circuit was absolutely for certain in those 3 guitars. All we know is that they started out as 2 control models, and prior to shipping they had a modification to the existing plate and loom to add in 3 controls. Perhaps as a deal sweetener for that order?? The details are lost to time. There was no schematic drawn, no photo's of the wiring were taken, and it appears no notes were made for a mod happening to just 3 guitars. Why would there be? It was simply thought that these three odd guitars, that they were having trouble moving, were finally being sold and shipped out End of story, end of model! Or so they thought....

Now here we are 55 years later discussing the intRICasies of some wiring that was casually added to just 3 guitars by simply drilling out the existing panel and adding in some extra parts. If only they had known, they would have made a comprehensive record of the whole thing with photos and an 8mm movie :)

I've simply had to base my ideas on the 2 pot loom that was definitely used in the majority of the '58 325's, this being now established by a growing number of known '58 examples, and then estimating the most likely, and easiest method that they may have used to process the 3 guitars back in the day. That's it

Rickenbacker came up with a great 325c58 design, and did a fine job considering the duress from various quarters at the time of it's specification. The guitar is mechanically a close representation of the largely handmade 325's produced in 1958. It captures pretty much all of the nice things, and even a few of the not so nice. The stock 325c58 loom is functional and representative of what you might find in a '58 three pickup Capri from '58 when the 4 control models appeared as standard. They probably weighed all the alternatives and decided on the wisest thing that was also most in keeping with the known loom that's still basically in use to this day. To use something quite different was probably not conducive to getting the product into production.

We also can't even be really certain of 3 pickup wiring because there are so very few four control, 3 pickup Capris from '58 of any model still existing unaltered. I'm talking models 340, 345 and 375. Few were made, and virtually none remain. There are one or two with Combo wiring, but that's different again. It's always had me wondering what type of wiring diagrams were made back in the day for the production line to reference. I envisage some interesting historic diagrams with lots of pencilled in addendums and comments from through the years. Would be wonderful to see

Back to the topic...I do thank people for the many kind words regarding the looms I've made over the years. It does appear that I'm somewhere in the ballpark with the method, as people repeatedly say that they can dial up the correct tones with my loom. I have deliberately avoided turning it into a big business. I've only ever made them on an individual basis, on request. I don't solicit for business aside from a mention on a basically defunct website. I've enjoyed keeping it very much a hobby, like my website was. If people find me and ask me I can make them a wiring loom. I'm pleased to help, and if this in some way helps the product, I'm pleased with that too.

I've always appreciated Rickenbacker Corporation's tolerant attitude regarding this sort of thing. Aside from the looms I make, and there are people making improved versions of vibrola brackets, and the like. There are also reproduction burns knobs and radio knobs being produced. And of course the plethora of persons from all around the globe (myself included) who like to sound like we know more about how rickenbackers were made, than the company themselves. It must be frustrating for them at times, but it really is an indication of how much we love this eccentic breed of guitar that has only ever come from the one small plant out of Southern California. I think we like that little detail too....
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