My old 1996

The short-scale model that changed history

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My old 1996

Postby (Hoddyman) » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:21 pm

Back in the 1970's, I had a Rickenbacker 1996. It had a Fireglow finish, and I had it for about three years before I traded it at Leo's Music, in Oakland, California, for a nice Lake Placid Blue Fender Jazzmaster. I was young and foolish, then, and I had modified the 1996 with a "stop-bar" tailpiece, in place of the original Accent vibrato. The tailpiece was rather distinctive, with a stylish point in the middle, and it looked almost like it belonged on the instrument. Anyway, after all these years, I'm simply curious as to what happened to that guitar, and if anyone has it or has seen it, I also put a big, round, "mystical" Tibetan "double dorje" decal on the guitar's back. If this guitar rings a bell with anyone here, I'd love to hear about it's status.
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Re: My old 1996

Postby (jps) » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:10 pm

Don't feel so bad about the mods you did. We all did that back in the '70s when these were just "old" guitars. I put a BA II bridge on my old February 1967 4005WB that I bought in 1973 (Jetglo - one of only two I have ever learned about :mrgreen: ). I also changed out the tuning keys on it twice. No bit deal, I gigged pretty extensively with that bass up through the mid '00s. 8)
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