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seek repair shop

Postby (bluewhale) » Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:04 pm


Could anyone recommend a shop that specializes in Gibson repair?

Prefer Baltimore/DC, but I'm willing to drive outside the area. Also, I would rather take it to a brick-and-mortar shop than, say, an individual who works from home.

This would be for a nut replacement on an ES-335. I bought it used around 1988. Soon after, I showed it to the shopkeeper at the legendary Voltage Guitar, just off the Sunset strip in Hollywood, to ask whether he could date it. He said it looked like a '71 or '72. I was hoping he could tell me year and month, but I have since learned how useless the serial numbers from that era are in determining production dates.

The inventory in that shop at that time was beyond belief. I clearly remember there being several vintage Rickenbacker 4001 models (I am mainly a bass player), and there were two 4005 models hanging on the wall - out of reach at $2000. The owner graciously let me try one out, knowing I was not there to buy.

Thank you,
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