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Russian "underground" music

PostPosted: Tue Sep 30, 2008 6:20 pm
by sowhat
What ho or whatever.
Well, it had to happen one day. :twisted: First off, one can say that about any kind of music that had a "rock" label on it could have also been labelled "rebellious" way back in USSR. Still i won't be telling the whole story and will try to concentrate on what they call "alternative" and "punk". Choices are based on my left foot's will and have little to do with charts, influence or whatever. All songs are from late 80s or later.
Va-bank - Sour wine

Time out - Nobody loves me

Nogu Svelo - mmm... something. Bald Girl; Tazepam

KiSh (King and Clown) - Damned old house

Them again - Men were eating meat

Now on to more poppy, Offspringish/Greendayish stuff
Kukryniksy - Soul

Naiv - Rock

Tarakany - I'm looking at them

As always, if anybody wants a translation for one song or another, just ask and i'll try to do my best.
Toodle pip.