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"One Way Roads" Blues with Piezo equipped 370WB

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:24 am
by Dom
So, for all those who yearned to hear what a $2 piezo buzzer sounds like when you place it under the bridgeplate, I offer you a "One Way Roads" to my new MySpace page...
This is a blues number that I'd written in 2010 and this scratch track recorded on 10-10-10 is still the best version despite the low vox.This song was recorded spontaneously after a band jam session while my pal Ray Holmes played drums. I ran the piezo direct into a Fender Hot Rod DeVille sang the vocals and everything is recorded in one take into one MXL900 phantom powered mic on Logic. I wasn't wearing headphones or I'd have sung closer to the mic. I get a more acoustic sound by using a compressor with my other rig but you get the idea nonetheless. Strings are 11 gauge slinkys.

Dominic Piscopo