2 Basses, One Amp

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2 Basses, One Amp

Postby (walker) » Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:21 am

Or something like that. I recently stumbled upon an old recording I did in about 1987, I believe. 1987! Can you believe that there was actually a millenium before this one? Crazy talk.

Enyhu, I had just gotten my fretless bass and decided to do a tune with both it and my '79 4001 JG. Over the years, I've upgraded my gear, improved my recording techniques, blah blah BLAH... or so I think change is always a good thing - then I listen back to this and now I'm thinking "How the heck did I get that sound??? It's actually pretty cool." (my big fat opinion at least).

Double Bass bit

stripped down to just drum & bass:
2 Basses, No Guitars

This is a stripped down mix with the basses isolated in the left channel. The fretless tone is pretty basic, but the fretted just sounds HUGE to me. And of course 25 years later here, I have none of the gear that I was using back then. And not all of it can I even remember. I know I used a Sunn 2x15 cab - loved the tone of it, wish I still had it... and the bass had the stock high gain pickups in it, which I replaced with vintage RI's back in 1990. I was using an Acoustic 370 bass head, and I'm pretty sure I was going through a chorus pedal and some reverb, (both through the amp) but after messing around with similar sounds this eve, I can't reproduce this tone! Which is a major dilemma for a wanton tone junkie like myself. And none of my other recordings from the same period or since sound like this. It's like I tried something weird one day, and never did it again.

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Re: 2 Basses, One Amp

Postby (ram) » Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:36 pm

ahhhh the stupor of the past. it's a good sounds on both bases! too bad you can peal back the onion to get to what the setup was.
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