First Recording - Emma's Waltz

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First Recording - Emma's Waltz

Postby (Kingbreaker) » Sat Jun 02, 2012 7:37 pm

Emma's Waltz

First recording with my new 360 MG. Just me noodling over a basic two-chord change. Comments welcome!

Signal Chain:
360 --> Tonelab SE (AC30TB model) --> Scarlett 2i2 --> Garageband.

- No effects in GB other than the percussion track and a little messing around with volume level fading.
- Both the "jangle" track and the "lead" track were recorded in single takes. I play a lot of Irish music, so the triple meter time signature is very natural.
- I had a 330MG years ago, which was named "Emma." Hence the title of this track.
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