'Pieces of You & Pieces of Me' is our August recording

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'Pieces of You & Pieces of Me' is our August recording

Postby (Rya) » Wed Aug 19, 2015 5:34 am

At first, this was rather too sweet for my taste and I intended to screw it up a bit- make it a bit rougher, but as it's one of the few recordings I've done that my girlfriend likes I was persuaded to leave it alone. It's grown on me a bit now, but I still prefer playing it to listening to it. I hope some of you like this one and I hope you are all having better summer weather than I've had this year. Already working on 'Cathy Palmer', September's song.


Oh, and please lend your surport on FB by giving our band page a 'Like'. The link is below. Thanks.
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