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*Candy Hearts & Plastic Flowers' - a new year, a new song

PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:57 pm
by Rya
Happy new year everyone. Here's a song we've been playing live since last Spring, but only just got around to finishing the mix of. Can't say that I'm completely happy with it, but got bored with tinkering and just wanted to move on. It goes down well live, but sometimes it can be hard not to laugh while singing those words as I find them a bit silly. Not much to say about the recording as I use the same instruments on every song. This is because the songs need to sound the same live as on the recording and so writing an arrangement that needed lots of overdubs wouldn't really work. Drums, bass guitar, my Rickenbacker 330, an organ, one lead vocal (double tracked in places), and a backing vocal make up the recording.
Hope you like the song. ... ic-flowers