'Another Time, Another Place' by Rya

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'Another Time, Another Place' by Rya

Postby (Rya) » Tue Jun 27, 2017 1:29 pm


Hello and here's our latest recording. As usual all the guitar parts are played on my 330. I think I recorded 4 guitar tracks on this song. All my songs are very simple in their structure and this one is no exception, with just 4 chords thru-out. I also like short songs, I'm not really a fan of solos, so at 3:48 this song is a little long for me. I'm happy if I can get a song finished in under 3 minutes. Even happier if it's under 2:30.

The song is based on fact. Some years ago, when I was a taxi driver in England, I used to regularly pick up a chap from his office at 6pm and take him to the pub. He was a perfectly pleasant fellow on the way there, but when I collected him again at midnight to take him home he was not the same man. He had 2 hobbies the first was to drink and after that he liked to go home and hit his wife. I know this because I saw her bruises on a Monday morning when I picked her up to go to the supermarket. I gave her a happy ending in the song, but I don't know if she got it in real life.
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