Older effort- "Ghost Riders In The Sky"

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Older effort- "Ghost Riders In The Sky"

Postby (bvstudios) » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:19 pm

The backing tracks were done for another guitar player to use as an audition piece, but he decided to bail on the audition, and left me with the trax sitting around on my hard drive doing nothing for about two years.
One day, I thought "why not?:", took my own Gretsch and recorded the lead. I added some quick little visuals to the vid to keep it from being too boring (I hope!).

It's not new, but perhaps some will enjoy it!


Afterthought- thought about re-cutting the leads on my 370/12, but...

Technical stuff:

Written/arranged in Finale
Recorded with Reaper
Guitar recorded in Reaper using M-Audio interface
Mastered in Audacity
Video produced in Pinnacle.
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