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'Polythene' by Rya

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:51 am
by Rya
Did this one just before Christmas. It's just bass, guitar (my Rick 330), drums, one lead vocal, one backing vocal. I used a lot of drive on the bass, it was very distorted. As with all my recordings for a long time, the Rick goes through a Leeds pedal and then a little spring reverb is added. I don't know why Ricks have a bit of a reputation for only being good for one thing, one sound because I never struggle to get the sounds I want from mine. I find it very versatile. The most interesting thing for me about doing this recording is that I worked 'backwards' and by that I mean that I recorded the music without having a song. Usually I write the song on an acoustic first. Never worked this way before. I just had the title. Anyway, here's 'Polythene', I hope you like you.
Thanks for listening and, as always, feedback is welcome.
Happy new year.