'What Will The Children Say' - Rya

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'What Will The Children Say' - Rya

Postby (Rya) » Sat Oct 03, 2020 5:03 am

https://soundcloud.com/rya66/what-will- ... ldren-live

Obviously no gigs these days, but we still get together to rehearse once a week. This a live recording made a while ago at a band rehearsal. The rehearsal room is very small, so small in fact that the PA speakers don't fit in the same room, so there was a lot of mic bleed. The recording was made using 4 mics; one for the drums, one for the bass guitar, one for my Rickenbacker 330, and one for the vocals. The only thing that was DI'd was the vocal. The only overdub is a backing vocal. Still, for all it's limitations, I think it's quite a good recording. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback always welcome!
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