New solo album from Wendy Flower of 'Wendy & Bonnie'

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New solo album from Wendy Flower of 'Wendy & Bonnie'

Postby (walker) » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:00 am

~This just in for Wendy & Bonnie fans~

Wendy Flower has finally released her solo album!


For anyone who wondered what she might sound like when she realized her true potential beyond the 'Genesis' album (with sister Bonnie when they were teenagers, this album answers that in spades. There are brilliant moments on this album that are on par with Brian Wilson at his most profound, and Kate Bush in her deeper introspective moments. 'NEW' also has some nice pop passages ala 'The Cardigans' and Suzanne Vega. But at the fundamental basis, it's a great next step for her own sound which debuted on 'Genesis'.
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