Canada Customs Charges.

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Canada Customs Charges.

Postby (rickenbottom) » Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:00 pm

Just wondering if anyone knows what Canada Customs Fees would be if purchasing from the States. Contacted Musiciansfriend today. They have a 4003 in stock in fireglo and will price match. I realize that with free trade because the item is made in the USA there should be no duties, but what costs may I acquire other than shipping fees???? Has anybody been through this process???
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Re: Canada Customs Charges.

Postby (bitzerguy) » Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:29 pm

UPS charged me $75USD back in 2003. I have heard some others got charged up to $150 (no duties, just HST or GST/PST and clearance fee). I got around the UPS fees last year by telling the driver I refuse the fees adn will go to the depot to clear the item myself. I went to the UPS depot and explained that I would get the item cleared and needed the customs documents, which the clerk gave me. I went to Canada Customs at the airport and cleared the item, paid the GST/PST (in Quebec) and took the cleared documents back to the UPS deport and claimed my package. Saved about $150.

Fedex charged me $30 fee on a $2000 purchase, plus GST/PST.

So they all differ.
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Re: Canada Customs Charges.

Postby (steversaurus) » Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:20 am

If you are mailing it over the border, USPS is the way to go. The rest as mentioned will hit you with brokerage fees. If you live close to the border, I found the easiest way to do things is to have it mailed to a shipping company on the US side of the border that will provide you a physical address. Pick it up and bring it over the border yourself. Declare and pay taxes. Shipping within the US is much cheaper than crossing the border.
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