I Have History Info For Owner Of 1974 Fireglo NL7164

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I Have History Info For Owner Of 1974 Fireglo NL7164

Postby (ChubbyD) » Sat Mar 24, 2012 2:51 pm

I bought this Rickenbacker 620 Fireglo in the summer of 1980. She & I have a lot of history and I am hoping to get in touch with the current owner. I also have some video footage of me playing her in 1993 with my band on YouTube!
My intentions are to give the owner a more complete history of this particular guitar and, to hopefully establish a friendship with the owner. I am interested in keeping track of her as she has had a very interesting life and I just want to know that she is being well cared for, as I am sure she is. Even the case, which is original to the guitar, has a history all it's own.
I sold her (for the 2ND time),out of desperation when I was ill and hoped to get her back one day but, she's in the United Kingdom now and I don't expect to ever see her again. It would just be nice to know that she's in a good home and to maybe get updates on her journey through life.
You see, I sold her twice! I had fallen on tough times in 1988 and sold her to a dealer/hobbyist. In 1990 I started looking for her and to my surprise, he still had her! I bought her back for $200.00 and swore I would keep her until my dying day. But as I mentioned earlier, illness and the financial straits that come with it, forced me to sell my most prized possession. In 2010 I sold her again. When I tried contacting the buyer, I kept running into a wall. I finally found out that he sold her on eBay without keeping his promise to contact me should he ever sell it, so as to give me a chance to buy her back if my financial situation had improved. It had/has and, I promised to pay him fair market value!
Well, as they say, water under the bridge! Now I just want to know first hand what her life is like these days and to hear from the current owner that he has hopeful fallen as in love with her as I was.
To the new owner... I wish a lifetime of musical joy and happiness with one of the best guitars on the planet, Rickenbacker!
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Re: I Have History Info For Owner Of 1974 Fireglo NL7164

Postby (doctorwho) » Sat Mar 24, 2012 5:22 pm

Dean, I recommend that you PM the Admin, Peter, with this information, and ask him if he would check with the current owner (assuming he/she is still a registered member) whether he/she would be interested in establishing communication between the two of you. Good luck! :)
It is better, of course, to know useless things than to know nothing. - Seneca
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Re: I Have History Info For Owner Of 1974 Fireglo NL7164

Postby (Ontario_RIC_fan) » Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:42 pm

Glad to see you are still looking for it Dean... I will PM should it ever come up on ebay again. :o :o

Here is the earlier thread...
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