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Spanish bands with Ricks: Los No

PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 5:20 am
by miguel
Here's a mod - related band from Barcelona. They did a couple of EPs for Vergara in 1966. Jean Pierre, one of the guitar players, used a Rickenbacker, but I'm not sure if he played it in the eight tracks Los No recorded. What do you think? You can listen to three of their songs here: ... La%20llave

'La llave' and 'Incomprendido' were composed by the band. 'Gloria', of course, is a cover.

Re: Spanish bands with Ricks: Los No

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:36 pm
by rickyvox
They were really special, one of my favourite spanish acts from the 60's.
That "Gloria" cover can make it at any good party !

It's really difficult to say, about your question. It's been said he used a Vox AC30, and I think they recorded at the Ateneo de Gracia studios. Their sound was raw. It's hard to say any opinion, just only from hearing their records. "La Llave" has a good amount of fuzz in the lead guitar !

That's another interesting thing about them, that fuzz sound. Maybe it was made with one of those fuzz boxes from Mr. Coromina that you know so well, Miguel? I think "La Llave" was recorded in late 1966, so it's the same frame period that Los Salvajes got their fuzz box, the infamous "la mosca" sound. And both bands were from Barcelona...