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Postby (Tube_Fan) » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:57 pm

I was reading through this
https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainme ... er/546698/
and thinking about why anyone would want to try to analyze a lot of nonsense, and then I remembered these:



According to the book, a lot of musicians have used amphetamines over the years, starting with jazz musicians IIRC.

Sometime around 1960 the amphetamine craze started in London’s West End

http://nostalgiacentral.com/pop-culture ... the-1960s/

Phenmetrazine is similar to benzedrine.

Phenmetrazine was taken by the Beatles early in their career. Paul McCartney was one known user. McCartney's introduction to drugs started in Hamburg, Germany. The Beatles had to play for hours, and they were often given the drug (referred to as Prellies) by the maid who cleaned their housing arrangements, German customers, or by Astrid Kirchherr (whose mother bought them). McCartney would usually take one, but John Lennon would often take four or five.[12] Hunter Davies asserted, in his 1968 biography of the band,[13] that their use of such stimulants then was in response to their need to stay awake and keep working, rather than a simple desire for kicks.

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