Music in AHDS movie sounds different and better

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Music in AHDS movie sounds different and better

Postby (scoobster28) » Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:07 pm

My friend and I decided to watch A Hard Day's Night last night (released as part of the Miramax Collector's Series) from the early 2000s. While listening to the music, especially the end numbers during the television "concert" scenes, I thought the music sounded different. It was a bit more rounded and open, with what appeared to be more chorus or double-tracking. I can't put my finger on it but the music sounded more deep and full than when I listen to the CD of the album.

I guess the question is am I hearing things? And, if I am in fact hearing things, are there ways to get purchase their music so that I can listen to it in a way that sounds like the movie? It is startling how much better I thought they sounded but I think it just has to do with the mixing of the music.

There are a lot of possible factors. I watched it through my television which only has basic internal speakers. I am used to listening to my CDs through either my car speakers or my stereo speakers, none of which are likely very high-end. The CD I have of their music (well, most of their CDs) are the original British releases and likely none have been remastered or are in stereo sound.

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