Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Tour

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Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Tour

Postby (drumbob) » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:16 pm

I'm surprised nobody has brought this up, because it's the closest we're going to get to a Byrds reunion. I have seen the Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Tour twice now and am going again. If you're a Byrds fan and have access to a ticket, YOU NEED TO GO!

The first night was at the Egg PAC in Albany, NY. They started with "My Back Pages," and went through a nice list of Byrds classics, a couple by Marty Stuart and the band alone, all of Sweetheart, a few by Tom Petty, and finally, "Turn! Turn! Turn!" It was an extremely emotional experience for me. I admittedly wept several times, because I have waited so long to hear this music played correctly and never thought I would ever hear it. I was sitting next to a very nice guy who also came alone and understood.

The second time was at Town Hall in NYC, another great show. Same set list, same stories, to be expected. I bumped into two musician acquaintances of mine, both Byrds fans, who were similarly moved. I sat next to a young man in his twenties who had heard The Byrds on the radio and liked what he heard.

This was easily, my greatest concert experience of the last ten years. Marty Stuart and the Superlatives are the perfect band to back Hillman and McGuinn. In all honesty, they are perhaps the best band playing country music today.

May I reiterate? You have to see this show if you can. You may never get another opportunity.
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Re: Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Tour

Postby (zhivago) » Tue Oct 09, 2018 2:45 am

I would love to see this!

Unfortunately I don't see any UK London shows announced... :(
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Re: Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Tour

Postby (chrisdski) » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:24 pm

I saw the Boston show. Agreed- a great show.
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Re: Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Tour

Postby (Byrdfan1948) » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:15 pm

I was at the show at the Egg in Albany as well. I totally agree this is a must see for any Byrds fan who has any chance to catch this show. I had goose bumps all night. Both Chris and Roger were in great form but when you add Marty Stuart and the Superlatives this goes to a level that is simply impossible to imagine. You have to hear it to believe it. Best of all now fancy stage lights or other distractions so common in what passes for music today. This is exactly the sort of stuff that made me a Byrds fan 55 years ago as well as a poor but still trying guitar player.
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Re: Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Tour

Postby (wmthor) » Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:16 pm

I guess I'll have to settle for watching it on Austin City Limits
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Re: Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Tour

Postby (pathelms) » Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:40 pm

Saw them at The Ryman in Nashville. Very special indeed! Roland White was in audiance too! Saw them again in Atlanta last weekend. Identical set, except RM played King of the Hill instead of American Girl during the TP tribute in the encores. Set for Bristol TN on 12-1 at the tiny Paramount! Never would have thought East Tennessee would be such a good launch point on this tour, but hell, I guess it’s where a lot of it began.
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Re: Sweetheart Of The Rodeo 50th Tour

Postby (tooloose) » Fri Dec 21, 2018 7:54 pm

It's hard to add much more to what's already been said, but here's my summary of the show:

Wife and I saw the second of two shows at the Capitol Theater in Clearwater, FL last weekend. I had seen McGuinn (twice) and Hillman (once) at the Wildey Theatre in Edwardsville, IL. where I was the Lead Usher, and remember being moved by the performances of two of the people most responsible for molding my musical tastes. I knew Marty Stuart was a respected Country artist, and was looking forward to seeing the three perform the Sweetheart album together. Let me say up front that my expectations were exceeded, and then some!

As seems typical at today's concerts featuring artists from the early days of my youth, along with playing the music there was some "story-telling" about the album by both McGuinn and Hillman - some of the history of how they evolved into a Country-Rock band, and how much influence the late Gram Parsons had on their musical direction. Marty Stuart also chimed in about how the Sweetheart album influenced his career.

The backup band was Stuart's Fabulous Superlatives, and did they ever give a stellar performance. As expected, the band was tight, and appeared to be having tons of fun.

In addition to the playing of the Sweetheart album during the second set, the audience was treated to many of the Byrds' hits in the first set as well as a couple of Beatles' songs and a couple of Stuart covers. After a short intermission the 2nd set began with (just) Stuart and his band playing a couple of his songs. Then McGuinn and Hillman joined them and all started playing "You Ain't Going Nowhere", the first song on the album. After they wrapped up the album they went back to that first song for some audience participation. Half the audience was asked to sing the main notes for the refrain, and other half the harmony. The second set closed with "So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star". An enthusiastic encore brought the band back.

The encore set list was entirely unexpected. It was mainly a tribute to Tom Petty: "Running Down A Dream", "King of the Hill", and "Wildflowers". There were a few not-so-dry eyes in the audience, including mine, during Wildflowers. The evening wrapped up with "Turn, Turn, Turn".

When we first walked in I stopped at the merchandise table to say hi to Camilla, McGuinn's wife, who was selling CDs, shirts, posters, etc.. We had previously met when McGuinn played at the Wildey. As Lead Usher I would work with the merchandise folks, assisting them as needed to ensure they felt welcome at our theater. It was good to see her.

Unfortunately, this tour is over. It would be great to give more folks access to the wonderful music and musicianship. And, as stated above, probably the closest you will ever get to seeing a Byrds reunion.
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