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Remember My Name

Postby (admin) » Mon Feb 17, 2020 11:34 am

I just watched a most interesting documentary on the life and times of David Crosby entitled "Remember My Name" produced by A J Eaton.

This video is filled with famous moments that Byrds, CSNY and CSN fans will remember well. It also, however, it a detailed look at many moments in which Crosby alienated friends musical and otherwise. It is hard to watch in some respects in which he regrets the way in which he treated others and "wasted" many years of his life that he cannot get back. He is very candid about his dysfunctional family, he lack of attachment with his father and his endless search for attention both from within and outside the music world. For a Decent Peoples' Review Of Crosby's Life Highlights visit

Now 77 years and still performing to pay the bills there are more than a handful of sober moments in the video from 2019 that runs roughly 90 minutes. A very bittersweet experience for me but at the end of the day it is a window into the motivation of his behaviour over the years and through his regrets a primer of what not to do to live a happy life.

Memorable comments from the video that I grabbed on the fly included comments about his behaviour, "I got more wacko as time went on" the relevance of music, "Ohio is the best job as troubadours or town criers that we ever did" and drugs "At a certain point the drugs become more important than anybody or anything including music.

As always I would be most interested in your comments.
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