FT/FS- 2009 360-6 JG for Gretsch Duo Jet

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FT/FS- 2009 360-6 JG for Gretsch Duo Jet

Postby (Connor) » Thu May 05, 2011 11:02 am

Hello all,

I'm very interested in a possible trade as I've been missing my Jet since it was stolen out of my house in broad daylight last year! The 360 is in very good shape with a few dings (slight impressions in the finish really) on the very top of the headstock. I'm mainly interested in a trade as I like the idea of two guitars going to people who will appreciate them. I am also taking offers of cash if anyone is interested. The guitar is currently on consignment in a local guitar shop but I will of course pull it from the shelf in anyone's interested.

Please note that I live in Canada so we'd have to deal with the border!


Here we are together, just think about how much better you'll look with it! :wink:


I can supply more pics if you'd like.


Connor McGuire
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