The new Gretsch 12 strings?

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Re: The new Gretsch 12 strings?

Postby (Zurdo) » Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:16 pm

I am glad you all recognized the fact that "Electromatic" is an Asian-made Gretsch clone.

if you like Gretsch clones, you can check another company who is making a 12-string Gretsch clone, they are called Eastwood Guitars. They now have a custom shop I understand, but no zero fret.

Also, observe the two pictures of Gretsch 12-string models placed in this thread, they have zero-frets. Certain Gretsch guitar models did not have zero frets, like the Anniversary or Country Cub models and their other "budget" guitars with the cheaper pickups.

It doesn't matter if your totally original Gretsch guitar was made in the 12th Century B.C, if it is a Gretsch Budget Guitar, it would not have a zero-fret.

I am not going to answer those who are calling me a troll, because their comments are ignorant.

If you want a new REAL Gretsch, order one from the Gretsch Custom Shop, don't waste $500.00 in any "Electromatic".
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Re: The new Gretsch 12 strings?

Postby (Rickadelphia) » Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:41 pm

As usual you are wrong. Prior to the Chet Atkins models, Gretsch guitars did not have zero frets. In fact, the first generation Chet models (the one's with Dynasonic pu's) did not have zero frets. The zero fret was something that Chet requested and was added around the time they transitioned to Filtertron pick ups around 1958 or 1959. By the way, many of the "budget" models you reference which featured single coil Hilotron pu's actually had zero frets.

I'm surprised you only share your vast knowledge of Gretsch guitars over here on a primarily Rickenbacker forum. I'm sure my friends over at the "Gretsch Pages" could really benefit from your input.
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