Liverpool: The New York of Europe

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Liverpool: The New York of Europe

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Start the Week” is a long running BBC Radio 4 discussion programme hosted since 2002 by Andrew Marr. This Monday morning’s edition of “Start the week” was broadcast from Liverpool’s Bluecoat Arts Centre as part of the BBC's coverage of the Annual British Labour Party Conference (September 25 to 28) taking place this year in Liverpool. The first half of the 45-minute broadcast basically took the shape of a potted history (otherwise known as a ‘cliff-notes version’ in the US) of Liverpool. And, for those not all that familiar with the history of the city, it’s a very informative listen for European history buffs that can be listened to again at …

Play the “Radical Liverpool” programme link to listen to observations on …
• How Liverpool came to prominence from nothing because of its seaport location.
• The city with its back to England – effectively of England but not part of England.
• The uneasy relationship with the North Atlantic slave trade.
• The part that religious sectarianism played.
• The similarities with New Yorkers – i.e. when the questions asked are who are you, where’re you from and what do you want?
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