Bass amp choice: Ashdown vs Mesa

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Bass amp choice: Ashdown vs Mesa

Postby (Axelorox) » Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:17 am

Thoughts wanted on the differences between these two heads. Though I listed cabs I'm more open to options with those.

1. Ashdown ABM 500 EVO II, Ashdown 4x10 cab
2. Mesa Boogie 400+, Mesa 2x15 cab

I'm getting back into playing bass after several years away from it and need an amp. Mainly playing at home for now (and recording in the future), but also I want something capable of playing small to medium sized indoor and outdoor gigs with a full band. I am the type who would rather buy something that is exactly what I want from the get-go, rather than keep flipping and upgrading. I also do not like having a bunch of amps around the house, so versatility is a huge plus.

My current bass is a Hofner 500/1 V62 (German reissue), though I will be getting a Rickenbacker 4003/4001 at some point down the line. As the instrument choices imply I am a huge Paul McCartney fan. These heads are the two modern ones that Paul has used in the past few decades, hence my gravitation towards them. Of course I love the Beatles era music, but to me, his playing on Wings Over America is THE bass sound and I'd like to be able to recreate that when I have a Ric in the future.

Paul also has the best live bass sound I have ever heard (and I have seen some other well-known old classic rock stars). Cuts through the mix perfectly without being overwhelming. So maybe there is something to those Mesa amps he loves so much... He seems to use the Ashdown a lot in the studio and the lower cost is appealing, but I am not sure if it could cut it live.
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Re: Bass amp choice: Ashdown vs Mesa

Postby (jps) » Thu Oct 25, 2018 1:57 am

This is what you want as far as an Ashdown amp. I had one for a while; it was a great amp but I decided to go small and lightweight so I returned it and bought a Markbass LM II. I did have a Walter Woods Super at the time but wanted something as an alternative to bringing the WW amp to gigs on occasion.
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