Billy J. Kramer And The Coasters
Well-Suited For The Iron Door
by Peter R. McCormack

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"Billy J, Kramer At The Liverpool Jazz Society"
On stage in 1962
Photo Sam

An Immaculate Performer

Billy J. Kramer has been contacted and it is hope that he will be able to provide information regarding his sessions at the Iron Door Club. Geoff Hogarth saw the Coasters perform on a number of occasions and made the following comments.

"Ted Knibbs, Billy's manager would have made sure he was booked in. The one thing I remember about Billy he was always immaculate on the stage and would go off in between numbers and change into another suit. I don't know how many suits he would bring along, however, he used to say to me "Would you like me to wear my gold or silver or orange suit."

Regardless of his apparel, Billy J. Kramer had a great voice and, as noted in the photos offered here was a dynamic performer. The above photo, taken during the days of the Liverpool Jazz Society, shows the low ceiling and large wooded beams supporting the first floor of the Iron Door Club warehouse. Note too, the Reslo ribbon microphones that were standard stage issue in the early 1960s in Liverpool.

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"Billy J, Kramer And The Coasters"
Odd Spot March 1961

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