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by Peter R. McCormack

From The Management

This bulletin contains the latest information regarding the history and events pertaining to the Iron Door. The management sent out a number of newsletters over the years in an attempt to inform members of upcoming events. This vehicle was chosen at it was cheaper than placing an advertisement in the newspaper. Geoff Hogarth writes,

"I started a Liverpool Jazz Society news letter, one sheet only the purpose of which was to inform members of forth coming events and all night sessions. Later we did a Storyville news letter,it was cheaper than advertising in the Liverpool Echo. The background that is used on this portion of the site is using a March 1964 newsletter written by Les Ackerly. The second page of this newsletter mentions 'An Iron Door Club crowd that made the Cavern look like the Pierhead on a wet Sunday afternoon -(Daily Post)."

Thanks goes out to Paul at Manchester Beat for his posting of Iron Door memorabilia.

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