WARNING: Item is reported to be stolen!!!

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     Dec 21 2009
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     Stolen Guitar - In the late 80's, one of Marty Willson-Piper's prized Rickenbacker guitars was stolen from the New York Management office. The serial number of this guitar was EB157. This website below (that attempts to document all of the 1993 Rose Morris guitars) also has an EB156 shown -the next one to Marty's stolen guitar - showing exactly how it looked, with a little bit of wear and tear.
    Keep an eye out for Marty's beautiful guitar and contact us if you have any information on it's whereabouts or ever come across it in your travels!

     Item is reported to be stolen!!!
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    Rickenbacker 1993/12 RoMo, Fireglo: Full Instrument - Front Rickenbacker 1993/12 RoMo, Fireglo: Free image
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     Full Instrument - Front
  •   This item was identified as a Early vintage (up to and including 1972) instrument
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