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     Jul 14 2011
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    1960 Rickenbacker Capri Fireglo Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar #2V826 Modified, with Bigsby tailpiece and block of wood to accommodate. Wiring has been modified and parts removed. Original pickguard is present, but missing some screws and rubber grommets. Guitar is working electronically. Original frets show considerable wear and fingerboard has considerable rutting with scars from fret dressing. Missing Ferrule 'D' tuner. Screws from original tailpiece are still in body near strap button. Neck has considerable bow, may need heat pressing to make playable. Considerable weather checking overall. Most finish is missing from neck due to play. Vinyl has been stripped off original hard case. Original hard case included.
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    Rickenbacker 365/6 Capri, Fireglo: Full Instrument - Front Rickenbacker 365/6 Capri, Fireglo: Full Instrument - Rear
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  •   This item was identified as a Early vintage (up to and including 1972) instrument
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