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     Jul 11 2012
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     Appeared on eBay, item number 200790632903, auction ended at 2012-07-18 02:16:47, Did not sell by chester4335 at $5500
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     Appeared on eBay, item number 200798578618, auction ended at 2012-08-02 23:47:11, Sold by chester4335 for $3900
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     All things must end, and since there is no one to pass this guitar down to, I’m reluctully selling it. I was in a small hometown group and the guitar that I had at the time was a solid body guitar and very heavy to hold on a 4 hour gig. Knowing that I wanted something lighter and more midstream, I saw what the Beatles were playing, which were richenbackers, so I said, that’s the guitar for me. I drove to Memphis and there hanging in a music store window was this beautiful brand new fireglo finish rounder hollow body type guitar. It was a Rickenbacker. The year was 1966. I went in the music store, told the guy I wanted to play the rickenbacker and the minute I put the strap around me and strum the strings, I new I had to have it. It was light as a feather and more importantly, the strings laid nicely on the neck and the guitar played flawlessly with great action. I purchased it, along with a new rickembacker hardshell guitar case and chord and I’ve owned it ever since.

    The guitar is exactly the way I purchased it 47 years ago with the exception of a few marks on the back and bottom and a couple chips at the top. It is all-original, except for a replacement screw that holds the vibrato lever on. Guitar has never had any work done to it and everything works. I played mostly in the mid to late sixties and part of the early 70”s. That’s when it was played the most. It has always been in my possession and never abused. There are the usual marks on the back, which do not go through the lacquer. I always turned my belt buckle around to the back. There is no detectable wear on the frets as I was never into pushing the strings up to make them wine. The neck, or anything else, has never been adjusted simply because it never needed it. The numbers/letters stamped on the jack plate are “FE” and 1583. The FE is the build date, which is May, 1966.
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    Rickenbacker 365/6 , Fireglo: Headstock Rickenbacker 365/6 , Fireglo: Body - Front Rickenbacker 365/6 , Fireglo: Body - Rear Rickenbacker 365/6 , Fireglo: Full Instrument - Front Rickenbacker 365/6 , Fireglo: Close up - Free Rickenbacker 365/6 , Fireglo: Free image Rickenbacker 365/6 , Fireglo: Free image2 Rickenbacker 365/6 , Fireglo: Headstock - Rear
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