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     Sep 11 2013
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     Appeared on eBay, item number 200961819916, auction ended at 2013-09-16 03:30:42, Did not sell by sb4alf at $1176
     Appeared on eBay, item number 200988564219, auction ended at 2013-11-22 04:57:35, Did not sell by sb4alf at $0.99
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     I bought this Rickenbacker new for a recording session about 10 years ago. It has remained in its case in my closet since...except when I took it to my guitar tech to install the new Rickenbacker 12 string bridge, which allows each of its 12 strings to be individually intonated/set up. This guitar has a gold pick-guard and gold truss rod cover. RARE! It also has Rickenbacker's vintage "tv knobs" and vintage "toaster" pick-ups. I painted the 5th knob gold to match the 4 tv knobs.
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    Rickenbacker 330/12 VP, Mapleglo: Headstock Rickenbacker 330/12 VP, Mapleglo: Body - Front Rickenbacker 330/12 VP, Mapleglo: Body - Rear Rickenbacker 330/12 VP, Mapleglo: Full Instrument - Front Rickenbacker 330/12 VP, Mapleglo: Close up - Free
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  •   This item was identified as a Modern (1984 and up) instrument
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