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     Natural Walnut
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     Dec 07 2014
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    Guitar recovered June 2015
    Stolen Guitars Chapter VII:
    The Boiler Room!

    Well a big, healthy handshake to Portland Police Bureau (Portland, Oregon) for this one! Apparently 4 of our guitars were found in the Grant Highschool boiler room! Our shifty little friend with the spider man skills and sticky fingers lifted a manhole cover and crawled through the poop and debris and stashed our stuff in the boiler room! Freddy Krueger jokes anyone?

    Anyway, thanks Grant High and thanks Portland Police for delivering these little guys back to us! A little worse for wear sure but they'll be up for sale again this weekend with fresh setups and looking forward to finding their forever homes!
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    Rickenbacker 650/6 Dakota, Natural Walnut: Body - Front Rickenbacker 650/6 Dakota, Natural Walnut: Free image
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     Body - Front
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  •   This item was identified as a Modern (1984 and up) instrument
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