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     Dec 29 2016
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     Queensland (QLD)
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     Facebook RIC group.

    "Here it is - GH 3518! - in all its (modified) glory!
    Bought it new in Melbourne Dec 1968 (Retail at the time $AUD490 - average persons wage at the time $AUD45) - Paid loan from my mum off in about 12 months through working gigs as a teenager at the time
    Still got it - still do gigs with it - not that often anymore - still love it.

    You're probably going to call me a heretic because it's had a few things done to it over the years so it's not in original condition!.

    In the early seventies a muso/guitar tech mate of mine changed the circuitry to try & cut down the feedback when plugged into those BIG amplifiers of the seventies. He was a Gibson player - Gibsons were all the rage then - he replaced the single pick up switch with three individuall flick switches - gave me more control on the variety of sound - the front p/up by it'self made the guitar sound just like his Les Paul which suited him nicely and I could get the back two on by themselves (kind of emulating a Stratocaster).

    It was my only guitar (professionally working) for about 30 years and was severely damaged in a car accident in 1998.
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    Rickenbacker 1998/6 Mod, Fireglo: Body - Front Rickenbacker 1998/6 Mod, Fireglo: Full Instrument - Front Rickenbacker 1998/6 Mod, Fireglo: Free image Rickenbacker 1998/6 Mod, Fireglo: Free image2
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